Through the eyes of a child, we experience the process of negotiating identity. Citizen children across the nation often live in homes where their parents’ immigrant status is in flux and their world is filled with doubts and fears. This book reveals the resiliency and the beauty of a bicultural life and a child coming to terms with their world and embracing their rich identity. He is a symbol of resiliency and pride.

"We matter and will build our park if we have to do it ourselves!"

A five time book award winner and A Tomas Rivera award winning book.

Bettie and Bonky discover a magical park located in a most peculiar place, under a bridge! They learn to love their new home in Barrio Logan, a neighborhood with a rich history in San Diego, California. Through the eyes of a mystical Señora they travel through a historical journey of a community’s struggle to build a park. They learn the true history of Chicano Park and the importance of finding their voice and taking action.

Coming soon 2022:

Huehue'Tocaitl: Traditional Names/Nombres Tradicionales

In modern Mestizo/Chicano culture, names are often given to children at various significant times in their lives. This book provides native names, primarily Nahuatl and other indigenous languages primarily from Mexico. Each definition includes the name as is used in its historical context.