Tolteca Press is dedicated to preserving and teaching the cultural heritage of Chicano-Mexicano communities of the Southwestern region of the U.S.. Tolteca Press is an imprint of Tolteca Educational Consultants, LLC, co-owned by Beatrice Zamora Aguilar and Mario E. Aguilar in the State of California.

Beatrice Zamora-Aguilar is a retired educator and lifelong community leader. Her formal education include a B.A. degree in Sociology and Ethnic Studies and an M.S. degree in Counselor Education. Her work in the community has revolved around teaching and learning about indigenous traditions of Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. Beatrice is committed to social justice and equality for all. Her particular interest is in developing literature for children that focuses upon culture, history and social justice.

Dr. Mario E. Aguilar is a retired educator and a lifelong community leader. His formal education includes a B.A. degree in Fine Arts, an M.S. degree in Counselor Education, and a PhD degree in Education. He is considered an expert in the area of the indigenous Azteca-Chichimeca dance tradition and in the study of Nahuatl. His particular interest is in research related to the history and development of the Azteca-Chichimeca dance tradition in Mexico and the U.S. and also works related to the study of Nahuatl language.

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